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CROWN Solar Power Fencing Systems (CSPFS) is one of the pioneer in manufacturing various Solar based systems and Solar based components in the Country.

Due to the changing scenario of security threats worldwide the time has come to think differently in protecting your family and properties.

Solar Fencing Perimeter Protection is the modern day need to the growing security threat in denying, detecting while having the in built capability to serve as deterrent.

Solar Fencing at nominal cost can reduce or can even totally stop the recurring investments, maintenance expenditures of all the physical and other expensive security gadgets of the perimeter protection. This will also ensure the safety of the property round the clock without any recurring and maintenance expenditure for many years.

Our system is designed to identify any attempt of intrusion zone wise at central monitoring control room. Also the system has the capability for integrating the Solar Fencing with other security and lighting systems.

CROWN Solar Power Fencing Systems is having a team of highly dedicated and qualified engineers experienced in building solar fences for years. Our Technical and designing team visits the proposed site in person for conducting a thorough site survey for preparing a customized design according to the needs of the customer as well as site requirements. While doing so we do have in depth discussion with the Customer to ensure in offering a fool proof suitable security fencing for their perusal..

We have built several Solar fencing for protecting forests, farm and agricultural lands from animal menace. Also we have been building High security and security fences for various Industries, Godowns, Estates, Residential Complexes, State and Central Government establishments across the country.

Over the years have installed many Solar-fencing systems as per industry standards in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttaranchal, Orissa, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharastra, Assam and Madhya Pradesh. We are present in other parts of the country through our experienced Dealer network. We are fully committed in installing and maintaining high quality fencing for the effective functioning of the systems for many years.

We are also into providing most advanced technology Security systems, Solar Street lights, Solar Lanterns, Solar Home Lighting, Solar Cookers, Solar Water Heaters, Solar pumps, Solar Garden Lighting, Solar Traffic Signaling System, Solar Dryer, Solar Battery Chargers, Solar Power Plants, etc.

We shall be looking forward to have a long-term association with you by providing our technology at the most competitive price with the best quality and more importantly the prompt and quality servicing.

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